The Full Gallery

Explore the full gallery of Martin’s hand-drawn artwork. Thoughtfully and carefully penned the old-fashioned way, these organic illustrations feel especially valuable, tangible, and human in a world saturated with synthetic digital art.

Featured Recent Works

Sound House Music Studio Illustration

June 2022

Penned in black ink, this detailed illustration depicts the facade of Sound House, a music lessons and songwriting studio in Remington, VA.

Lager Jam Illustration

March 2022

Wrapped in vines and flowers, three crushed aluminum cans form a triangle in homage of Triple Crossing’s logo. Pen and watercolor.


Damian Martin’s illustrations reflect a lifetime of observing and then replicating nature on paper. Doodling bugs and snakes as a child has grown into an ability to generate realistic, imaginative, and earthy images with masterful organic detail.

Illustrations serve as a vital creative outlet between work and studies. Martin is a mapper by day and a scientist by night, having recently completed his M.A. in Environmental Science from University of Virginia.